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Hello, My name is Lara Bush-Pensy. I work with the organization, Newtown Kindness, based in Newtown, Connecticut. This organization was founded by Aaron Carlson in memory of Charlotte Bacon who passed away in the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. My daughter, Ariana Pensy, was one of the first recipients of the Charlotte Bacon Act of Kindness Award two years ago. The organization's mission is to foster kindness in our children. You can see more about the organization at www.newtownkindness.org and at this link: http://www.newtownkindness.org/charlotte-bacon-act-of-kindness-award/. The reason I am contacting you is in regard to Isaiah McLoughlin and the letter he wrote to you about the speeding cars on his street which resulting in speed patrols there. My daughter and I are working with Newtown Kindness to find amazing acts of kindness across the country and to nominate children for the next Charlotte Bacon Act of Kindness Award to be awarded in February of 2015 by www.newtownkindness.org. We think what Isaiah has done is amazing and we would like to nominate him for the next Charlotte Bacon Act of Kindness Award! I need to get some information in order to complete his nomination. When I can get that information, I will be completing and forwarding his nomination to the Board of Directors at www.newtownkindness.org. Can you help us get in contact with Isaiah and his grandmother? Please contact me as soon as you can at labecgrad@aol.com, so I can get the nomination process started. We think Isaiah is a great role model and we can't wait to write his nomination for the 3rd Annual Charlotte Bacon Act of Kindness Awards! I am looking forward to hearing from you very soon! Thank you! Lara Bush-Pensy and Ariana Pensy
Sat, 22 Nov 2014 15:22:33 -0500

Photo - Emergency road construction/Watermain break please share- There is an emergency water main break on Cross Road close to Rockridge Road. As a result, traffic is down to one lane with alternating one way traffic. We expect heavy delays in the area, so please do what you can to avoid the area or take alternate routes (Parkway South to Oil Mill Road). Please 'like' and share this post
Sat, 22 Nov 2014 11:19:27 -0500

Photo - Why do officers stop cars for minor violations? Don’t they have more important crime to fight? Officer Michael Fedor was assigned to D.U.I. enforcement tonight and stopped a vehicle on Willets Ave. for crossing over the double yellow center-lines in the roadway. The stop resulted in the arrest of the sole occupant and the seizure of 2.5 lbs of Marijuana, approximately $500 in cash and the vehicle. Arrested was Nathaniel Scott Jr. of New London, Connecticut. Scott is 35 years old. Officers routinely stop cars for what many would consider minor violations. From those stops, officers often times encounter other crimes, contraband and wanted people within the cars. If the stop is determined to just be a minor motor vehicle violation, the officer has some discretion as to the disposition. (Verbal warning, written warning, infraction, summons and/or arrest)
Fri, 21 Nov 2014 01:05:02 -0500

Photo - PADILLA, ISMAEL Mug Photo
Thu, 20 Nov 2014 19:49:31 -0500

Photo - November 20, 2014 PRESS RELEASE On Thursday, November 20, 2014, members of the Waterford Police Department, working in conjunction with the Connecticut State Police, affected the arrest of the following individual in connection with a commercial burglary: PADILLA, ISMAEL Age: 42 145 Denver Avenue Bridgeport, CT Charges: Burglary 3rd Degree Possession of Burglar’s Tools Criminal Mischief 3rd Degree Criminal Attempt to Commit Larceny 6th Degree Padilla was arrested a short time after the burglary was reported to Waterford Police. Padilla was quickly developed as a suspect and the incident was broadcast to area police departments. Padilla was subsequently located by a member of the Connecticut State Police. Padilla was held on $150,000.00 bond pending bail or arraignment. Anyone with information regarding illegal activity in Waterford is asked to contact the Waterford Police at (860) 442-9451. Prepared by: Detective Sergeant Edward DeLaura Authorized by: Lieutenant Stephen Bellos
Thu, 20 Nov 2014 19:31:52 -0500

Photo - Preparing for this years holiday festivities! For the last two years, the Waterford Police Department has sponsored a tree decorating event and carol sing with Santa. This year will be no different! This year the first graders of the Quaker Hill school will make decorations and bring them to the Waterford Police Department. They'll get some treats, sing with us, see Santa, and decorate the tree. This picture shows officer Flanagan bringing the boxes to the Quaker Hill school. We'll have pictures as the event progresses 😄👍😃
Wed, 19 Nov 2014 17:25:07 -0500

Photo - East Lyme Police Explorers make donation to Waterford Youth Services. Once again this year, the East Lyme Police Explorers under the direction of East Lyme Officer Hallbauer, presented Waterford Youth Services with 73 turkeys and over 40 bags of non-perishable food items for their Holiday program for residents in need. The Explorers collected the food and frozen turkey outside of the Stop and Shop in East Lyme. The Waterford Youth Services Bureau and the Waterford Police Department thanks the East Lyme Police Explorers, Officer Hallbauer and all those who donated for their dedicated work to help WYSB to help us meet the needs of those that are struggling.
Wed, 19 Nov 2014 07:44:23 -0500

SCAM ALERT The WPD has taken numerous complaints today (11/18/2014) from residents that had received telephone calls from individuals purporting to be calling from the I.R.S. The telephone calls are coming from telephone number 201-418-4675. Most of the recipients(s) of the calls today were from older residents. Remember DO NOT give out any information to anyone, even if they threaten you with "the police are coming to your residence". If you do have questions regarding whether the I.R.S is in fact trying to reach you call them directly. The I.R.S telephone number can be found in your blue pages.
Tue, 18 Nov 2014 14:26:37 -0500

Photo - Roll call training - night vision. Lieutenant Burton trained some of the members of the evening shift roll call in the use of night vision equipment. This picture of Officer Avdevich was taken as he sat in roll call through the view finder of the night vision equipment.
Tue, 18 Nov 2014 10:37:56 -0500

Beware of calls from someone stating they represent the IRS. They state that you are being sued over discrepancies in past taxes. They then say that proceedings have began to go after assets and to prevent that they would offer to settle now. The phone number they provide is (929)800-2891
Mon, 17 Nov 2014 19:20:28 -0500