Waterford Police Department
Waterford, Connecticut


The patrol division is led by Lieutenant Marc Balestracci. He can be reached by email at Mbalestracci@waterfordct.org



This division consists of approximately 30 Patrol Officers, K9 Officers, Patrol Sergeants, and a Lieutenant. These members have the primary responsibility of conducting traffic enforcement, responding to both emergency and non-emergency situations as well as conducting criminal and non-criminal investigations. The Patrol Division also utilizes both marked and unmarked police vehicles, a police boat, police bicycles and ATV's to assist with its patrols. These are the members of the Waterford Police Department who patrol our streets 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days year.


Additionally this division employs approximately 17 civilian Community Service Officers who assist the officers and the public with fingerprints, prisoners, criminal history checks and data entry requirements.

Investigative Services

The Investigative Services Division is led by Lieutenant Timothy Silva.  He can be reached at Tsilva@waterfordct.org.

This division is comprised of approximately 8 Investigators and Detectives, a Detective Sergeant, and a Lieutenant . They have the primary responsibility of conducting felony investigations, crimes that are violent, and various financial crimes. 

These members also assist with both federal and regional crime task forces to include narcotics, human trafficking, financial crimes, vice as well as other quality of life crimes. These members also conduct surveillance for undercover operations and obtain and serve search and seizure warrants associated with all of the above. This part of the Waterford Police Department is designed to handle the more time intensive investigations.


This division is led by Lieutenant Nicole VanOverloop.  She can be reached at Nvanoverloop@waterfordct.org.

This division is responsible for maintaining all records and documents associated with the police department. They maintain and provide records to the public under the guidelines of the Freedom of Information Act and applicable State laws. The division includes the Training Sergeant, Traffic Officer and Evidence Officer.