2016 Citizen's Academy

The Waterford Police Department plans to host its annual Citizen’s Police Academy starting in March, 2016.  This 11 week course, allows participants to build relationships with police, ask questions and see the behind the scenes training and reasoning for how and why police do what they do.  It also allows citizens to see the challenges police face on a daily basis.  


In the past few sessions, members of the community have provided very high remarks for the program.  It is an all volunteer program involving police, administrators, prosecutors and others from the community who present specific subjects each week.  The following areas are covered in detail:


-History of WPD


-Life at Police Academy

-Motor Vehicle Enforcement

-Use of Force (hands on demonstration and taser demo)



-Juvenile Crime

-Police Profiling


-Offensive fighting tactics (hands on demonstrations)

-Accident investigations


-K9 Program demo

-Domestic Violence

-Criminal Investigations

-Financial Crimes

-Dispatch Center


Participants also participate in a Ride-A-Long, are able to participate in a day at the range and are involved in an interactive skills day.


The class, which will consist of 25 people from the local community, will be rewarded with class shirts, certificates and a graduation pizza gathering at the end.

The class consists of approximately 36 hours of presentation/instruction.  Participants are only allowed to miss 3 sessions to still qualify for ride-a-long, range time and graduation.  It will be held on Tuesday nights from 6-9pm at the Waterford Police Department.

It is 100% FREE to apply and participate.  However, not everyone will be accepted.  Applications come in quick and we try to make sure that we have a cross section of the community in regards to age, race, gender and life experience.  We also try to ensure that those in the Academy are in it for the right reasons.

Sgt. James Dimmock took over as the program coordinator this year and will advise each applicant by email/phone of their status by late February.  He can be reached at jdimmock@waterfordct.org should you have additional questions.